Suspicious Transaction
Analysis & Reporting.

Jocata's comprehensive
Transaction Monitoring solution.

STAR is a comprehensive monitoring solution for customer and account transactions across business lines and products, which helps a Financial Institutions detect and analyse potentially suspicious activity. The application provides a robust alert and case management platform for proactive investigation and reporting of money laundering activities.


Its features include:

  • Sophisticated Rule Engine for Alert Generation
  • Alert Management Platform to Investigate and Document Transaction Review
  • Automated Electronic Filing of Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs)
  • Link Analysis to detect hidden relationships
  • A number of coverage areas for monitoring, including Retail Banking, Retail Brokerage, Private Client, Corporate or Wholesale Banking and Insurance
  • Monitoring Algorithms covering the following types of products:
    • Funds Transfers such as SWIFT or CHIPS
    • Savings, Checking, Currency Transactions, Letters, Journals, and Monetary Instruments
    • Electronic/Internet transactions including ATM and Bank/Debit Card Activity, internet payment services and ACH transactions