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Regulators worldwide are increasingly focusing their examination efforts on assessing the ability of financial institutions to demonstrate that they have a reasonable belief that they know the true identity of each customer and that they have effective due diligence policies, procedures, and processes in place in order to comply with regulatory requirements. While financial institutions have made significant improvements in these areas, many institutions would benefit from a comprehensive, easy to use and transparent system to manage their KYC obligations.

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Its features allow you to:

  • Use a flexible KYC engine to dynamically define requirements based on key customer characteristics.
  • Manage global clients centrally without compromising local regulations or privacy restrictions.
  • Perform risk-based Due Diligence including Simplified, Standard and Enhanced Due Diligence.
  • Calculate AML risk using Jocata's proprietary model or implement your own. Create and manage multiple models, if required.
  • Verify identity of customers using documentary and or non-documentary methods and store the evidence within the application. Configure the application's document matrices to automatically generate requirements based on customer type, risk or other parameters.
  • Log correspondence with customers for diligent follow up and track best efforts in keeping customer information upto-date for regulatory purposes.
  • Match customers against Politically Exposed Persons Lists,UN Sanctions lists or other lists. Define and manage internal lists, if desired.
  • Household customers to identify hidden relationships using our industry leading algorithms.
  • Recertify customer information on a pre-defined time-frame based on risk level or other important changes to customer information.
  • Remediate old customer accounts with outdated or missing information and ordocuments. A feature unique to Jocata CLEAR.
  • Mine customer data and discover a wealth of information for cross-sellingof products and services or other purposes.

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