Monitoring, Analyzing and Reporting
for Centralized Surveillance


MARCS provides a flexible framework for regulatory bodies, federations and other institutions that are required to collect and analyze information from members. It provides a data entry and upload interface, performs analysis of the data input and generates graphs and reports based on client requirements.


Its features include:

  • MARCS is driven by a flexible framework that allows rapid product customization for institutions ranging from small federations or associations to larger central financial institutions.
  • The system allows access at the member or central level with role based multi-tier permissions.
  • MARCS can import and store historical data to perform comparative analytics in order to monitor performance over time
  • MARCS supports multiple data collection mechanisms such in both online and offline models
  • Advanced technology that provides scalability, rich user interfaces for easy interaction, one click navigation, remote backup capabilities and optimized performance.
  • Platform designed for automated data processing including validations, calculations and analysis for centralized surveillance
  • Multi-format reporting (PDF, Word, Excel and XML) capabilities provide detailed reporting at various levels over time
  • Multiple licensing options are available for deployment in both on-site and Saas delivery models