EVOKE is a set of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) designed by Jocata that allows organizations to efficiently gather, verify and analyse information provided by their customers using digital channels. EVOKE assists organizations by significantly reducing the time to revenue while improving user experience.

The customer provides the platform information as well as access to their social media presence and Internet banking details. The platform then compares the information submitted with information obtained through state and central government sources, social media, third-party online verification and banking platforms to verify the customer. Analysing the social and financial presence as well as the results of the verification process, EVOKE can also generate a credibility score for the customer. All information obtained including the customer credibility score is then provided back to the institution.

Broadly the platform performs two distinct functions: It can verify and augment the information provided by the customer to the institution through various online sources. Also, based on the information provided and the results of verification, it can generate a score indicating the credibility of the customer.